In the space for wedding date, I wrote "funny"

I won a gift certificate to Three Little Birds last night at the Bella Bridesmaid + Erin McDermott After Work Party. (Btw, when I completed the entry form there was a space for wedding date — my response was "funny".)

I'm pretty excited as I just had my logo redesigned (and I'm sure you've noticed, SwankyPeach too) so perhaps I'll be putting it towards my new business cards or some logo stationery.

If not that, my holiday cards wouldn't be a bad idea, either. My dear friend (and budding photog) Stephanie Flury and I plan to meet in the next week or so and discuss ideas for my photos ...

Last year's cards featured this fun photo.

She is obviously NOT amused.

What do you think SwankyPooch and I should do for this year's cards?


  1. Love your blog! Visit me @ A Big Little Life : )


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