Art. Tee. Crepes.

Julie, Molly Mc. and I headed out to the NoDa Gallery Crawl last Friday night. The weather was incredibly nice, it was a holiday weekend and most importantly, Bird, boyfriend of Molly G. was hosting an opening night reception for his incredible (yes, you HAVE to go check it out!) art exhibit at Green Rice Gallery . Titled "AOTEAROA" the work is inspired by his recent seven month trip to New Zealand. The photo that inspired this is inside the painting. (Can you find it?)

And how about a close-up of the quote?

Okay, that's all you get... get to Green Rice and see the rest for yourself. Now. (Don't miss "the wishing tree" ... it gave me chills it was so beautiful.)

Aaaand since we were waiting on a table at the Crepe Cellar (one of my top three fave restaurants in Charlotte, p.s.) we wandered over to the Rat's Nest when we left Green Rice and lookie, lookie what Julie found for Swanky. (And, yes, it does say #1 Granddaughter.)


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