Dancing, shopping, more dancing, football - big weekend!

So, Friday night, a friend received a bunch of free tickets to the Neil Diamond concert here in Charlotte... they were free, it's a fun group, so we went and had a great time! (Sorry, no cameras allowed so I don't have any pics.) Afterwards, we headed to local hot-spot Blackfinn in the Epicenter for a few drinks and some dancing.

Saturday afternoon, Chris and I went shopping at Target, for Warren, a four-year-old boy from the Salvation Army Angel Tree. I'm so excited that he's going to have such a great Christmas - thanks to Chris's fiscal generosity and my shopping savvy. :)

Warren asked for some clothing and learning toys - especially anything with Diego. So, we started with a puffer vest (now he'll be warm AND look cool), Chris HAD to buy him a Transformers Tee Shirt (he searched high and low for some UNC gear but had no luck finding the right size). Chris picked out some more tee shirts in basic colors (pretty sure they were various shades of blue (Tarheels, Panthers) and orange (Bobcats) in various colors before we headed over to the toy section. We found a few Diego goodies, a giant puzzle and then a cool Diego coloring book (it was huge!). If only I could afford to be Santa Claus for all the boys and girls each year .... 

Saturday night (after the delicious dinner I prepared ;), we went to the Smitches Holiday Bash "Guess the Two Buck Chuck" party... as always, a great time! 

I kind-of LOVE, LOVE dancing to the Cupid Shuffle, so Chris snuck over to the ipod and played it when I wasn't paying attention so he could snag some photos... 

Yesterday we headed to the Panthers v. Broncos game with Pete and Jenna (CC's brother and his girlfriend). It was freezing (so we skipped the tailgating), but a lot of fun! "I've got a feeeeeeling ..... the Panthers are going to the Su-per Bowl!!" was heard in song on our walk back to the car! Wouldn't that be exciting??

This coming weekend brings the annual Festivus party and then one week until Christmas! Yay!


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