Swanky's Weekend Away

Last week, CC informed me that he had Charleston, SC in mind for Labor Day weekend. I was beyond excited. When I asked where we were staying, he kept quiet (oooh, another surprise!) and just responded "downtown." Even on the beach with friends on Saturday, when they posed the question of our place of lodging, his answer remained "downtown." I just grinned. Sheepishly.

We all know how much Swanky loves surprises so I didn't ask again. (I certainly didn't want to spoil it myself!) Then as we drove along the Battery, on the way in from the beach, I got even more excited! A right on Vendue from East Bay and I realize we're staying in the beautiful Vendue Inn! ("Oh, I love the Vendue!" says all my girlfriends when I tell them my story!) Little did CC know that I've always wanted to stay there, too. :)

Our room was actually in The Inn at Vendue (just across the street) complete with clawfoot tub and the most comfy king-size bed, ever! After some drinks and dinner at the Rooftop Grill (a seriously amazing view of the harbor and Chucktown) we met up with the rest of his friends and had a fun night out on the town!

It was perfect. Sigh.


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