Shiny Sperry's

Sperry Top-Siders are the footwear of choice for all the preppy boys and girls in Charlotte. (If you see them paired with a Lilly Pulitzer dress on the ladies or subbed for Rainbow flip-flops with khaki shorts and croakies on the gents - order yourself a beer because you're probably at Selwyn Pub.)

Yes, Swanky owns a pair (I went to college in South Carolina for crying in a bucket) but they are the skeleton in my closet. You won't see me wear them unless I'm on a boat or when its raining (the safest shoe for slippery situations!). And I now remember that at lunch with friends last week (same lunch in which the "closet skeletons" were discussed), someone mentioned a frequent commenter to their blog who seemed to have an obsession with this proper footwear. LL must have remembered this convo when out shopping yesterday ... and props to you, Miss, because you might have found a pair of Sperry's Swanky would sport.

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From: LL
Subject: OMG, The Sperry's
Date: July 1, 2008 8:13:14 PM EDT
To: [RS] [SJ] [Swankypeach]

So I was at Nordie's looking for gold shoes and oddly enough, some gold shoes that I found were Sperry's top siders. Oh, and they come in silver, too. Hawt!

I am actually in awe that they conceived of making them in these colors. Um, who do we presume would be wearing these?


----Original Message---- From: [SJ]
Subject: Re: OMG, The Sperry's
Date: July 1, 2008 9:40:29 PM EDT
To: [RS] [LL] [Swankypeach]

The gold or silver Sperry is for the successful pimp who has it all-including a yacht and a desire to party in the Hamptons-Yo...the wedge? For his favorite b*tches, natch.

Peace, SJ


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