I'm just sayin' ...

"I sure hope she doesn't remember that in the morning, for her sake ... "

"Why do you have to tattle on me all the time?"
"Because you boss me around."
"That's what I do."
"Well, then, I tattle."

"This is the biggest lima bean ever. I think I'm gonna save it."

"Whatever happened to Michael Jackson?"
"I mean, he really faded out. Literally."

"That caramel was award-winning."
"No, the package said "award-winning" ... that's why I bought it. And it is."

"If there is a problem at the mini Twix factory, and the Twix wrappers don’t cut off all of the way on the ends, does that mean you have to eat all of the ones that are connected? I do…which is why I just ate 6 mini Twix. Please get on board with me on this."

"I'm not a Nascar fan."
"But you went to the all-star race."
"Yes, you can take your cooler in, I'm a fan of that."

"That Joey McIntyre can be my baby’s daddy all day. There’s just something about that thick Boston accent."


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