Wednesday, December 13, 2006

There's ALWAYS a "ME" in Melissa ...

Just a little stream of consciousness for my writers block ...

I am witty and confident. I love to run. I don’t like anything pickled (i.e. olives, pimientos) but I like pickles. (I got in trouble as a kid for drinking the pickle juice out of the jar.) I love to clean. I’m obsessive compulsive about it. I love crunchy peanut butter. I really like Haagen-Dazs Caramel Cone ice cream. I don’t like brussel sprouts. I love to vacuum. (There's something pleasing about those lines you get in the carpet when you do.) I like driving (fast) on the highway with my music loud and the windows down. I don’t think men should ever wear spandex. (EVER.) I am quirky and conflicted. I love my dog Honey. I love Georgia Bulldogs football. I love watching movies with my mom whenever I am home. I like listening to rap music with my brother. I think my dad is one of the most creative, talented and intelligent men I’ve ever met. I’m self-confident. I’m self-conscious. Sometimes people make me sad. Sometimes people make me happy. Sometimes I make people sad. Sometimes I make people happy. I find pleasure in designer denim and own about 30 pairs of jeans. I’m ambitious about myself, my career, my life. I love guacamole. (I could live off of it forever.) I love hanging out with my girlfriends – they make me laugh, they make me smile, they remind me always that I am loved (when I'm feeling like I'm not). I don’t like people who drive slow in the fast lane on the interstate. I don’t like people who don’t return phone calls. I once bargained trail mix for a good seat on an airplane. I like real people … who are honest (even when it hurts), loyal (whatever the price may be) and genuine (not a what’s in it for me? friend). I think that Talladega Nights is by far one of the funniest movies I have EVER seen. (I also think Anchorman is pretty funny, too. I guess I’m a bit of a Will Ferrell fan.) I think Crash is one of the best movies I’ve ever seen. I'll watch anything with Kate Hudson or Reese Witherspoon in it. Little Miss Sunshine really made me smile. I thank God every day for his grace and unconditional love. (And pray that one one day I'll get it all together.) My cousin is one of my biggest heroes – an amazing mother and wife and so giving of herself and her time – and she just beat breast cancer! I miss my college friends. (I especially miss breaking into the Lambda Chi boys apts in college and trashing the place.) ☺ I miss college drinking parties.I miss playing beer pong on a table with the South Carolina state flag painted on it. I miss walking down New York City streets during a snowfall – it’s the most amazing, peaceful sound you’ll ever hear there. I love watching a sunrise on a mountain and a sunset over the ocean. I’m not interested in doing or participating in any activities that might injure/hurt me in any way (i.e. skydiving, wakeboarding, swimming in Florida lakes with alligators). I love to go shoe shopping. I’m all girl, but I love sports too. I love getting all dressed up to go out. I love lounging around the house in my pj’s and glasses. I like laying on the couch on Sundays and watching golf. Pink and red Gerbera Daisy’s make me happy. I don’t like people who don’t do what they say they are going to do. I will always treasure my “porch talks” with the girls – some of the best memories I will have ever created in life. I love 80’s music- Bon Jovi, AC/DC and Guns-n-Roses. (I am just living on a prayer.) I really like singing “Welcome to the Jungle” and playing air guitar in my car. I miss Taqueria del Sol in Atlanta (best fish tacos on the planet!). I love chick-fil-a chicken minis. Sweet tea (the Southern kind) is my favorite drink in the entire world. I miss stopping at Jing Du on 51st and 3rd to buy an egg roll on the way to the grocery store with my NYC roommates. (888-8878!) I love the South. (But I don't consider Florida the South.) I like to travel. (I like to not travel sometimes though.) There’s always a “Me” in Melissa. I would sing in the shower but Tara might not like that. Ray LaMontagne has the sexiest voice. If I could have the voice of any singer it would be Sarah McLachlan. I love doing laundry. I think some of my friends in Orlando are the funniest people I’ve ever met in my life. (Reagan and her sarcasm. Dena and her humor. Emmy and her stories. Megs and her dates. Stovall and his emails.) One day I want to go shopping in Milan and Paris. One day I want to really fall in love. If I can put a smile on anyone’s face … at anytime … then my job is done. I’m sometimes a little scatterbrained. Sometimes I’m insanely organized. Sometimes I'm dyslexic. I like to say that I'm selectively superstitious – I won't touch a penny unless it's heads up and I pick my feet up when I drive over railroad tracks - but these are really the only two superstitious behaviors I have. I think EVERYONE should own a floor length mirror. (But, sometimes I wonder if the people who have mirrors in their home actually look in them before they walk out the door.) I read my horoscope but don’t believe in astrology at all. I love marshmallows. I really like sweet potatoes with marshmallows on them. Melted marshmallows. Ice cold Corona light with lime is such a refreshing beverage. Whiskey makes me crazy. I enjoy reading a good book more than shopping. (GASP!) I especially enjoy reading books by an open window on a rainy day. I drink coffee every day. I'm not allergic to anything. My fingers are getting tired and if you are still reading, I’m impressed.

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