Welcome back

Seriously, I have decided that there is absolutely NOTHING worse than being on a flight, ANY FLIGHT, to Orlando. I'm talking 300 people so excited because they are going to Disney World. Screaming and squealing kids, one literally climbing over seats (while his mother laughed about it) and another running (seemed a lot like the suicides I used to run in basketball practice) up and down and up and down the aisles. Plus I had a middle seat (I'm the exit row, aisle girl) and thought I was going to freak. I feel like I was just in hell for two and a half hours.

Then, I'm kindly reminded just how hot it is in Florida as I walk out the doors from baggage claim ... ugh, the heat hit me like a brick wall. The weather in NY was beautiful (October is always the best month to go) not too cool during the day, and just cool enough at night. Oh, and only one day of rain - just enough to make me stop thinking about moving back.

There's just no place like home when you live in Florida. ;)

Can't wait to tell you all about NYC ... I seriously worked my butt off but I had such a great (I so needed that) time catching up with old friends and meeting some new ones (J. and A. from Charleston - Take it down the runway girls!) while I was there.

Time to unpack ...


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