Terrorism is tacky

I don't watch a lot of television right now. If I'm not working, I'm running or hanging out with my friends. (Come fall, when my television shows are on, well, that will be a different story.) And since I stayed out a little (2 a.m.) late and one drink (I really was only going for one) turned into a few last night (yeah, I'm not doing so well with that "drying out" stuff) I certainly had no time to catch the news as I'm rushing to get ready for work today.

Once in the office, I'm sipping my coffee and checking my emails. We get this email from our travel department about a new security alert and notice about all of the things you now cannot carry on-board. I find it odd, but move to the next email. My friend Jen, who's flying up to NYC today, mentions something about how the airport will be hell today because of the terrorists. (What's going on?) Next one, subject: Great day to fly, from Chris, who is flying to NC today -- says he's worried about getting out of O-town thanks to the foiled terrorist plot. Excuse me, foiled terrorist plot? I'm flying out in the morning ... what is going on? CNN, time to tell me what's up. WOW! (Liz, I'm trying to stop saying it, I am!) I cannot believe what I am reading. Twenty people, simultaneous bombs? Highest security alert ever?

"Effective immediately by order of the TSA, passengers may not bring liquids or gels of any size at the security checkpoint or in the aircraft cabin - including beverages, shampoo, suntan lotion, toothpaste, hair gel, and other items of similar consistency."

This particular part of the statement poses a few problems for me.

1. I travel to tropical destinations ALL the time. I HAVE to HAVE my Kiehl's sunscreen. I also fly to the Caribbean - which means I fly American - which means LOST luggage - which means I don't check unless I have to.

2. I am a beauty editor, people! I have a small sephora in the privacy of my own home. I always carry my Kiehl's lip balm, my contact solution and my L'Occitane hand lotion (all of which, are now clearly out of the question) and I NEVER leave home without my hair products. I seriously can't live without Phyto and Pureology. (And I do have great hair, no? :)

3. My trips (minus the week long photo shoots) are typically like the one this weekend -- a long weeked or just a few days. I don't need to check my bag and I certainly don't want to. Mostly because they will inevitably lose it and if they don't lose it, someone will steal something out of it. (There's someone cruising around Miami right now with my Lacoste sunglasses as we speak, thanks to American Airlines.)

Look, I know most of these are shallow reasons. I'll be the first to admit it. BUT, traveling is becoming so cumbersome, tedious and downright annoying thanks to these crazy idiots! Why can't we just round up all the loonies and put them on their own deserted island or something ... then we can all live in peace (or at least try)?


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