Kickin' it in the Keys

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First, the airport this morning - NIGHTMARE. I can't tell you how many times I've had to take AA's 7:25 flight to Miami and check-in is always a headache because so many people are travelling internationally. But today, WOW. Since you can't carry much onto the plane anymore, I guess everyone decided to do what I do, pack as much as you want, you've got to check it anyway! The lines were crazy! (And I am SO not an early morning person)

So, anyhow, I'm in the Keys ... on Islamorada ... staying at the Cheeca Lodge & Spa ( Apparently, according to my car service driver today from Miami, Salma Hayek and Colin Farell spent a weekend here not too long ago. (Can I tell you about the flat-screen plasma that is in my room right now? Thank god it's not football season or I'd never work on my tan.) On the outside, it's nice but not over-the-top luxurious (I know, I know ... coming from Miss Four Seasons) but the rooms are really nice. (And in their defense, they are currently remodeling everything) I LOVE the looks of the stone-walled shower in my room. I'm in a beachfront bungalow (that's exactly what it is too) and I've got this incredibly relaxing hammock outside - private, just for me. (I'm still trying to talk myself out of my run and into a nap in that thing!) The only thing that's missing here, my plunge pool, of course.

I spent the better part of my day sipping cocktails and bronzing at the beach and I've let Jeryl talk me into kayaking tomorrow. I've never done it, little scared to be honest, but, she knows what she's doing and the water looks pretty calm. We're also set for snorkeling tomorrow... oh boy, this will be interesting. I've promised Tara I would do it, it's my first baby step to learning to dive. (For those of you who don't know, I'm slightly claustrophobic and I freak out at the site of fish.) And dinner tomorrow, served on the beach. (I love my job!)

We've got cocktails and dinner in a few and I've got three miles and a shower to go before. Maybe something interesting will happen tomorrow ...
(Oh, and thanks for the 5 a.m. ride to the airport, Liz, just add it to my tab, I sure do owe you!)


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