Babs went to Barbados

And it wasn't really all that much fun. I worked crazy long hours, all of our call times were before 7 a.m. (minus one of them) and there was too much drama, too much heat and not enough down time. It was one of those trips that seemed like it was a month long.

Don't get me wrong friends. I'm not ungrateful. I understand how lucky I am to have a job 1) that I L-O-V-E and 2) takes me to places like Barbados for six days (and it doesn't cost me a dime) ... I'm thrilled I had the chance to go ... I just had a much better time in the Bahamas. That's all I'm saying ...

But, we did have our own plunge pool in our gigantic suite. :) It was niiiiiiice.


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